Breath-Taking 3D Light Shows welcomed 2012 in China

This year, led by the concept of being green, Beijng and Shanghai both held spectacular light shows for the 2012 new year count down. Beijing’s light show was set in the Temple of Heaven (tian1 tan2), with 1,000 university students paddling bikes to generate the power for it. While in Shanghai, a breath-taking (and I mean it!!)3D light show was projected on the buildings on The Bund (wai4 tan1). 

– The amazing Shanghai Bund light show (Do you know that the two buildings for the light show, previous HSBC building and  Customs House, were built by the British in the 20s? Find out the history about The Bund!)

– Counting down light show in Temple of Heaven (What is the history of Temple of Heaven? When was it built and what did the Chinese use it for?? Read more about Tian Tan!)


Hello from Hunan, China.

Hello Education China!

I am doing great here. Kids are very cute and call me Martin ‘Laoshi’.

The people are very helpful and kind here. They treat me like a celebrity which makes me feel rather special. I already learned some chinese words but I really need to push my chinese a lot in order to communicate.

Wish you merry Xmas and Happy new Year! All the Best in a Year of the Dragon!