Summer Voluntary Teaching in China

Voluntary Summer Teaching in China is a popular programme that attracts many university students in the UK every year. Its aim is to create good cultural relations and experience for selected British volunteers to teach English in Chinese schools. More than 130 selected university students from all over this country have been sent to China since 2005.

Highlights of the programme include:

  • 2 weeks of teaching keen students
  • 5 days of free travel in China
  • Free full board accommodation
  • Certificates signed by the Mayor
  • Opportunities to learn KungFu and calligraphy
  • Caring back up service throughout the trip

What will I benefit from it?

  • A great teaching experience in China.
  • Seeing China not as a tourist, but as it is!
  • Experiencing first hand a different culture, modern yet with its roots in antiquity.
  • A very reasonably priced trip to China.
  • Making life-long friends.
  • Enjoying being treated like a celebrity!
  • Guaranteed good summer sunshine.
  • Will be awarded a certificate by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove!

This programme is run by Education China, a UK registered company based in Brighton. Drop an email to , we will send you the application pack as soon as we hear from you! Click here to view more photos from previous years. It’s a great programme, 100% of participated volunteers would recommend to their friends. So don’t miss out for this year!


Great Programme about Chinese New Year

On BBC from yesterday to tomorrow 3 evenings, there will be a series of TV programme about Chinese New Year. We watched one of them and thought it was so good that we should share it with you! Enjoy watching and happy fire monkey year! 😃

1. The Biggest Celebration on Earth Migration: via @bbciplayer


Story of China

New program in BBC about China.  Michael Wood tries to explain China by looking into its history, traditions and philosophy. Very interesting even to the Chinese people. Click to watch in iplayer.

Chinese Films for Winter Vacation

Well done to all of the students who finished this term successfully! Particularly to Jane and Rebecca, who were new to us this term. They are great in the class and are able to learn quickly.

If anyone would like to watch some Chinese films during the long break and holiday period, I suggest these great films for you. Enjoy!

New term will start on 6th January 2016.

《三城记》(A Tale of Three Cities) .

Watch A Tale of Three Cities in Youtube.



心花路放》(Breakup Buddies)

Watch Breakup Buddies in youtube.


《花样年华》(In the Mood for Love)

Watch In the Mood for Love in youtube.


New Term Starts Soon!

Autumn Term 2015 will start next Wednesday!

Check out this fantastic course run by us! This is a learning club not just a class. Our students drink green tea and discuss current issues about China in class. Regular social outings are also scheduled outside.
*7 years of teaching Chinese in the UK
*Up to date learning materials
*Tailored multi-media teaching
*Fun and friendly club style learning
*Authentic language environment
*Opportunity to travel and work in China
*Participate in local cultural events
Lesson time: 5.30 – 7.00 pm every Wednesday in Hove College.
Dates for next term:  23 September – 25 December 2015.
Tuition fee: £160 for 10 weeks.

BBC’s New Programme about Chinese Style Teaching

BBC’s latest TV programme “Are our kids touch enough?” starts tonight on Channel 2. Five Chinese teachers taught a class of 50 British young teens for a month. Quite brave experiment. It would be really interesting to find out the result! You can read more about this progrmmae on BBC’s website.

I also found these are interesting to read:

12 famous Confucius quotes on education and learning

The trouble with stereotypes

In with the lions: Teaching in a foreign classroom


New Programme Chinese Garden《园林》


CCTV (Chinese Central TV) recently showed their new documentary programme Chinese Garden. This series has 8 episodes; presents the beauty of Chinese gardens and explores the deeper relationship between Chinese people and their gardens. The whole programme is a feast for eyes if you like gardens and Chinese culture.

Here are the links to watch on youtube, but it is only in Chinese at the moment–great chance to practice your listening!

Episode 1: Real Wonderland

Episode 2:  Royal Garden in Village

Episode 3: How Far is the Fairyland

Episode 4: Poems on the Land

Episode 5: A Dream of the History

Episode 6: Immortal Trees and Springs

Episode 7: The Distant Home

Episode 8: The Garden on the Other Side of the Walls

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