Matt in China

Arrived in China

Our teacher Matt has just arrived his new home in China! He will be living and travelling in China for 40 days from today. How exciting!

In the first 2 weeks, Matt will be teaching English to the children of his host families in Guangxi Province. Afterwards, he will off to explore Hunan, Shanghai and Beijing. We look forward to seeing his photos!

First Dinner in China

Matt’s first host family is the Chen’s. There are two daughters in the family: 12-years-old Chen Xi and 9-years-old Chen Yi . The two sisters will be practising their English with Matt in the following week.

As soon as Matt arrived the family, the sisters were eager to play with this “English brother”. Together, they played piano, Chinese fei xing qi (Aeroplane Chess) and went for a swim. Matt’s first dinner in China was at his new Chinese home. The whole family was so friendly and welcoming. Chen Xi kept asking Matt (in English) whether he wanted tea or coke! Matt had a fantastic Day 1 in China. Here is his text to us:”Just finished Day 1–it has been fantastic! The family are really lovely! Thank you. :D”

Day 2

Email from Matt:

“Here are some photos from day two: we went to two different traditional towns and had a look at a botanical garden with different kinds of medicinal plants. It was very beautiful! In the evening we went to Zhongshan Road(中山路) for snacks after dinner :)️”

Day 3

Email from Matt:

“This is what we did on the third day:
Today in the morning I did some Taichi and it was a lot of fun! We then had Guilin rice noodles (桂林米粉)for breakfast and from there went to a Confucius temple just outside Nanning – it was gorgeous. We then went to the Nanning Museum of Cultures where we learnt about global and the Chinese culture. For dinner we went back to Zhongshan road and had yuntun (wonton云吞) soup! It was great! Can’t wait for tomorrow!”


Matt’s Teaching Time

Matt’s typical day of teaching in China is like this…  He uses games, songs, dances to get the children engaged in the class. The students love him. Well done Matt!


Sunday Afternoon Tea

Students were very excited to have a Sunday afternoon tea with Matt today! Matt’s host mother made all these lovely sandwiches for the children. On the party, Matt demonstrated how to enjoy a traditional English afternoon tea. All the children had a great time!

Chinese traditional arts 

Delicious Food 

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