An Alarm Over the Incursion of Foreign Words

Few major languages have felt the effects of globalization and modernization more acutely than Mandarin. The increasing use of keyboard devices, for example, has caused many Chinese to forget how to write characters by hand, to the extent that there is even a popular television show in which cont…

shu fa

Moon Festival 2013

Moon Festival (中秋节–Mid-Autumn Festival) is a Chinese festival with a long history. It falls on the 15th of August in the lunar calendar each year; in 2013 it is on 19 September. The celebration started from early Tang Dynasty (618–907 CE). Nowadays this festival is widely celebrated by Chinese all around the world. Other countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam also have it. There are 3 meaning for this festival– gathering: such as family and friends coming together, or harvesting crops; thanksgiving: to give thanks for the harvest, or for harmonious unions; praying (asking for conceptual or material satisfaction): such as for babies, a spouse, beauty, longevity, or for a good future.

chang'e 1

嫦娥奔月 Chang’e Flying to the Moon
后羿射日 Houyi Shoots the Suns
吴刚伐桂 Wu Gang Chopping Laurel Tree
玉兔捣药 Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine

jade rabbit

Festival food: Moon cakes

Common Customs: 赏月Moon Worship,吃月饼Eating Moon Cakes,灯会Lanterns,全家团圆Family Reunion.

Useful links:
British Council Moon Festival Pack for Primary (with assembly ideas and teaching materials)

Stories of Houyi and Chang’e

Songs for Moon Festival:
Moon Cake Festival

Chinese Workshops in School

On 30 January, 3 tutors from Education China were invited to run Chinese workshops for Year 1 and 2  in Hangletan Infant School, Hove.  The school had been teaching about China since the beginning of this term. The children were very excited and keen. They especially enjoyed dragon making, using chopsticks and martial arts. Our tutors had a great time and a good laugh with the children. The school staff were very friendly and supportive. This is the 4th year we work with Hangletan Infant School for this programme.

tutors IMG_0769 IMG_0782


Giant Panda Cub Debut in San Diego Zoo

Panda cub Xiao Liwu (little present) recently debuted on exhibit in San Diego Zoo in the USA.  Click here to watch the cute video in youtube.

If you are a big panda fan like me, why not check out the website of the Zoo to:meet_cam-swap2

  • watch the panda cam live–click here;
  • meet the pandas in the Zoo — click here;
  • look at panda cub growing up photos — click here; and
  • many more fun videos of pandas and cute animals — click here.

Chinese Traditional Popcorn Maker Amazed the Americans

Chinese traditional popcorn maker was tested in MythBuster Programme Of the Discovery Channel. 😀

In many Chinese people’s memory for childhood, this popcorn maker is associated with sweetness and excitement. Though I was very afraid of the “Pop” indeed!

Click here to watch the MythBuster programme clip in youtube.

Click here to watch how it is done in street of China!  81315301

Celebrate Chinese New Year in School

While the Western New Year is over, the Chinese New Year (known as Spring Festival to the Chinese) is coming next month. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the 2013 Year of Snake will start on 10th February. The celebration in China will last for 15 days untill another festival — the Lantern Festival, which is traditionally seen as the finish of the New Year. The British Council has prepared a fantastic education pack for schools and teachers to use in classrooms. So if you are thinking to celebrate the Chinese New Year in your class, check this out!

Chinese New Year Education Pack

British Council SchoolsOnline

If you would like Chinese teachers to visit your school for a Chinese Day (i.e. Chinese theme activities), or some individual advice for your China topics, please contact us. We have many years experience of working with schools in the UK. For more details, please email us at:



Why Chinese? …

Why Chinese? Martin Davidson, Chief Executive of the British Council and a Chinese speaker, said: “The UK’s future prosperity depends in no small part on our ability to communicate, interact and build relationships with people from around the world. With China recently becoming the world’s second biggest economy – and set to continue that upward trajectory – there are few more important partners for us. A good understanding of Chinese culture and language will give our young people the advantage they need to live in a global society and compete in a global economy.”


Children Workshop: The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the longest structure in the world made by human and is  included in the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World. Do you know when and how it was built? Why did the Chinese build it? And what do they use it for today? If you want to see it, where do you need to go??

Monthly Chinese themed activities for children in Hove Library run by a group of friendly and experienced Chinese teachers. The activities are designed to improve children’s study abilities while Chinese language, arts and traditional virtues are embedded.

Theme: The Great Wall of China

Venue: Hove Library

Date: Saturday 10th November

Time: 10-11am

Contents: 1) History and facts about the Great Wall of China. 2) Stories about the Great Wall. 3) Travelling to see the Great Wall. 4) Useful Chinese words relevant to the Great Wall

Ability/skill improved: Understanding how people used to live in ancient China.

Cost: £12 per child, £10 each for siblings. Fees include materials.

Suitable for children aged 4-10. For booking, email your child’s name and age to Drop-in possible if class not full.

For more details of other sessions, please visit our website:

Note: Parents of children under 7 can stay with their children if they wish to. Parents of children under 5 are advised to company their children in the class.

Websites for Chinese Learning

Some useful websites with great free learning materials– we involved with the work for some of the videos in BBC Primary! 😉

BBC Chinese learning:-

Chinese for pre-schools:-

The Lingo Show

Songs for small children:-

The Wei’s songs are Chinese.


Chinese for primary:-


Chinese for adult learners:-

China Central Television’s online courses


Audio on-line lessons





My Story: Chinese (BBC iPlayer)

Pre-school history series. Children discover their own and their family’s history through fun, adventure and play. Mummy Nancy shares her memories with her daughter Yvonne. Together they find out all about what life was like growing up in China, and get to meet some very special visitors from China too.

  • Available until3:44PM Fri, 19 Oct 2012
  • First broadcastCBeebies, 4:30PM Fri, 28 Sep 2012
  • Duration15 minutes

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