Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

“Zhong qiu jie kuai le” to all of you who celebrate or admire this beautiful moon festival! You might have heard so many times the fairytale about the lady in the moon, however to an ancient agricultural culture, what this festival means is harvest after a year’s hardwork in the fields.

Here we would like to share a beautifully made short film of how to grow rice in China. It is original, educational and touching. It makes us ponder upon the meaning of life.

The story behind Chinese Valentine’s Day – 七夕

Chinese Proficiency Competition 2019

2019年汉语桥比赛 英国赛区



18:30 — 21:30


Queen Elizabeth II Centre,

Broad Sanctuary Westminster,

London, SW1P 3EE



1. 门票张数

2. 对应姓名

3. 手机号码

4. 所在机构

5. 门票邮寄地址及邮编




1912691228Alison has been to China and back (lucky her!) to our class today. She has brought us a lovely present from China. See if you can read and understand what it is?

上(shàng)海(hǎi) : the well-known city in China!

栗(lì)子(zi)馅(xiàn)饼(bǐng): chestnut filling cake

矿(kuàng)泉(quán)水(shuǐ)制(zhì): made with mineral water

Yum! Thanks very much Alison!


Design in China

A short programme in BBC iPlayer about China’s new industry. Very interesting!

The Click team travel to China’s tech capital, Shenzhen, to meet with some of China’s largest technology companies and find out how our gadgets go from ideas to finished products.

Watch here: http://bbc.in/28Ypn34


Rebecka’s China Dream

Rebecka is originally from China, however it’s her first trip to China after 17 years! We know she is very excited to see her home town and to practise all the Chinese she has been learning with us. We are seeing China with her through her photos. We are so happy for you, Rebecka!

Matt arrived China!

Our voluntary teacher Matt has arrived his new home in China! He will be teaching and exploring China for 40 days from today. How exciting!

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