New Programme Chinese Garden《园林》


CCTV (Chinese Central TV) recently showed their new documentary programme Chinese Garden. This series has 8 episodes; presents the beauty of Chinese gardens and explores the deeper relationship between Chinese people and their gardens. The whole programme is a feast for eyes if you like gardens and Chinese culture.

Here are the links to watch on youtube, but it is only in Chinese at the moment–great chance to practice your listening!

Episode 1: Real Wonderland

Episode 2:  Royal Garden in Village

Episode 3: How Far is the Fairyland

Episode 4: Poems on the Land

Episode 5: A Dream of the History

Episode 6: Immortal Trees and Springs

Episode 7: The Distant Home

Episode 8: The Garden on the Other Side of the Walls

Summer Party 2015

The Chinese class had a relaxing and fun summer party in Jeff’s boat this afternoon. Nancy made delicious picnic-style feast, Jeff prepared delightful drinks, and Fred, the cake man, of course brought us sweet treats. We had nice chats in Jeff’s lovely little boat, enjoying the warm sunshine and the sea breeze. We also went to visit Jeff’s neighbour–the swan family we met last year, who had just welcomed their three new family members one week ago!

Next Wednesday will be our last lesson of this term.

Visit our facebook album to view the photos.

Last year’s party photos are here.