Chinese film-归来 Return (gui lai)

If you feel like watching a Chinese film in this chilly weather, you could try this one. Chinese with English subtitles.



Hitting things in China: dǎ


Word of the week: dǎ


In China the easiest way to get around is to hit a taxi (dǎ dī), or you could hit a car (dǎ chē), which is obviously not the same as getting hit by a car. It just means “take a taxi”.

In fact the word hit (dǎ) has far more general use in Chinese than the English word does. If you want to call you friends you can hit a phone (dǎ diàn huà), the guys might want to get together to hit a ball (dǎ qiú) and hit open (dǎ kāi) a few beers afterwards. Or you could hit open (dǎ kāi) the TV and see if anything good is on.

The examples seem almost endless, which is why the word dǎ 打 is an important one to learn even if your Chinese is only a basic level.

taxis are relatively cheap in China taxis are relatively cheap in China

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2 EFL Teachers Needed in Huizhou, Guangdong

Well-established English School in Huizhou, China is recruiting 2 EFL teachers to start in February 2015. Huizhou is located in Guangdong Province, one of the more developed areas in China, with nice environment and convenient life for westerners. It is also very close to Hong Kong–you can go there for a day trip. This is a very nice school, all of our previous teachers renewed their contracts after the first year.

• Contract length: 1 year (can be renewed afterwards)

• Students age: 4-17. 20 students in each class. 18 hours of teaching hrs/week.

• Chinese RMB Y6,000(£600)/month+ bonus. Free fully furnished flats + bills paid (including internet).

• More bonus paid on completion of contract. One domestic tour organized/paid by school.

• Cultural training before departure. Assistance in obtaining work visa for China.

• Airport pick up, caring settlement service post arrival. Regular follow up service during your time in China.

• Friendly and professional approach to our applicants. Communication with current teachers is available.

More information about living in Huizhou, please click below:

1. School and the neighbour. Emily

2. Huizhou introduction.

Please send your CV and a photo to