Greeting from Home of Taichi 3


I will still be in 中国 when the new term starts, but I will try to send updates to amuse my fellow classmates in your lessons. I have decided to stay until the end of May. I am having a language exchange with one of the Chinese students here, so hopefully my 中文 will be much better next time I see you, but my new vocabulary is very specific, for example:

脖子 (neck)
肩膀 (shoulder)
前胸 (front chest)
后背 (back)
闭上眼睛 (close eyes)
沉肩坠肘 (drop shoulders and elbows)
周身放松 (relax whole body)
两脚并拢 (feet together)

Not good for conversation! 🙂

All the best,



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