Moon Festival 2013

Moon Festival (中秋节–Mid-Autumn Festival) is a Chinese festival with a long history. It falls on the 15th of August in the lunar calendar each year; in 2013 it is on 19 September. The celebration started from early Tang Dynasty (618–907 CE). Nowadays this festival is widely celebrated by Chinese all around the world. Other countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam also have it. There are 3 meaning for this festival– gathering: such as family and friends coming together, or harvesting crops; thanksgiving: to give thanks for the harvest, or for harmonious unions; praying (asking for conceptual or material satisfaction): such as for babies, a spouse, beauty, longevity, or for a good future.

chang'e 1

嫦娥奔月 Chang’e Flying to the Moon
后羿射日 Houyi Shoots the Suns
吴刚伐桂 Wu Gang Chopping Laurel Tree
玉兔捣药 Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine

jade rabbit

Festival food: Moon cakes

Common Customs: 赏月Moon Worship,吃月饼Eating Moon Cakes,灯会Lanterns,全家团圆Family Reunion.

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