Made in Taiwan-The Story of Transition Band

Transiti­on 前進樂團’s remarkable documentary revealing their experiences integrating into Taiwanese life in 2011. They toured the island, learnt chinese, tasted local delicacies and collaborated with many Asian artists. In 2010 summer, released their first Chinese single ‘對不起我的中文不好’ became an overnight youtube hit.

Click here to watch the documentary – Made in Taiwan.

Click here to listen and learn their greatest hit – Sorry, My Chinese isn’t Good! 對不起我的中文不好

Click here to listen to their latest Chinese song – Stay in the Moment.



Notice for Chinese Course

Please remember there is no lesson for this week. See you next week on the 20th February. Have a great Spring Festival half term! 😉

PS: We are expecting a couple of new students joining in the class after the half term too. How exciting!

老师 🙂

Happy CNY 恭贺新禧

2013 CNY


Chinese Workshops in School

On 30 January, 3 tutors from Education China were invited to run Chinese workshops for Year 1 and 2  in Hangletan Infant School, Hove.  The school had been teaching about China since the beginning of this term. The children were very excited and keen. They especially enjoyed dragon making, using chopsticks and martial arts. Our tutors had a great time and a good laugh with the children. The school staff were very friendly and supportive. This is the 4th year we work with Hangletan Infant School for this programme.

tutors IMG_0769 IMG_0782