Chinese Films

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is coming soon! 😀

Here are some Chinese films if you fancy to have a Chinese theme night in with friends or without!

1.《我们天上见》(wo men tian shang jian) or Lan Lan

Year: 2009.    Click here to watch in youtube.

Awards: Best Asian New Talent Film award at the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival

Story background is set in the 70’s. Lan” is a heart-felt drama about a young girl named Lan, who lives with her grandfather and dreams of becoming a gymnast. Jiang Wen Li, director of the film,  has said the film is a tribute to her childhood and her late grandfather.

2.《武侠》(Wu Xia) or Dragon wu xia

Year: 2011.     Click here to watch in youtube.

Awards: Best Cinematography and Best Original Score of 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

The film is set in 1917 in early Republican China at Liu Village on the border of Yunan. Ordinary paper maker Liu Jin-Xi lives with his wife Ayu and two sons. When two bandits attempt to rob a nearby general store, Liu Jin-Xi happens to be nearby and comes to the store’s defense. The final result of the battle is that the two bandits are killed by Liu Jin-Xi.

Detective Xu Bai-Jiu is then tasked to investigate the general store robbery. His attention quickly focuses on Liu Jin-Xi as he suspects the ordinary paper maker is hiding a secret past …

Note: Contains scenes of blood, fighting and death.

3.《白鹿原》(bai lu yuan) or White Deer Plain bai lu yuan

Year: 2011.   Click here to watch in youtube.

Awards: Silver Bear for outstanding artistic contribution of 62nd Berlin Film Festival.

A woman enters White Deer Village and finds herself in a power struggle between two families over land ownership. Visually, the landscapes are quite spectacular, with a dark, foreboding mood in the air.

Note: This film is 3 hours. Contains explicit sex scenes.

4.《观音山》(guan yin shan) or Buddha Mountain

Year: 2010.    Click here to watch in youtube.

Awards: Best Actress and Best Artistic Contribution of 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival, Best Film of 2011 Casa Asia Film Week. guanyin

This film chronicles the lives of three youths who have no intention of sitting exams and getting into universities and a retired Chinese opera singer who is mourning the death of her son. The film explores themes of teenage confusion, angst, and rebellion and the impermanence of life.

Giant Panda Cub Debut in San Diego Zoo

Panda cub Xiao Liwu (little present) recently debuted on exhibit in San Diego Zoo in the USA.  Click here to watch the cute video in youtube.

If you are a big panda fan like me, why not check out the website of the Zoo to:meet_cam-swap2

  • watch the panda cam live–click here;
  • meet the pandas in the Zoo — click here;
  • look at panda cub growing up photos — click here; and
  • many more fun videos of pandas and cute animals — click here.

Chinese Traditional Popcorn Maker Amazed the Americans

Chinese traditional popcorn maker was tested in MythBuster Programme Of the Discovery Channel. 😀

In many Chinese people’s memory for childhood, this popcorn maker is associated with sweetness and excitement. Though I was very afraid of the “Pop” indeed!

Click here to watch the MythBuster programme clip in youtube.

Click here to watch how it is done in street of China!  81315301

Celebrate Chinese New Year in School

While the Western New Year is over, the Chinese New Year (known as Spring Festival to the Chinese) is coming next month. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the 2013 Year of Snake will start on 10th February. The celebration in China will last for 15 days untill another festival — the Lantern Festival, which is traditionally seen as the finish of the New Year. The British Council has prepared a fantastic education pack for schools and teachers to use in classrooms. So if you are thinking to celebrate the Chinese New Year in your class, check this out!

Chinese New Year Education Pack

British Council SchoolsOnline

If you would like Chinese teachers to visit your school for a Chinese Day (i.e. Chinese theme activities), or some individual advice for your China topics, please contact us. We have many years experience of working with schools in the UK. For more details, please email us at:



Why Chinese? …

Why Chinese? Martin Davidson, Chief Executive of the British Council and a Chinese speaker, said: “The UK’s future prosperity depends in no small part on our ability to communicate, interact and build relationships with people from around the world. With China recently becoming the world’s second biggest economy – and set to continue that upward trajectory – there are few more important partners for us. A good understanding of Chinese culture and language will give our young people the advantage they need to live in a global society and compete in a global economy.”