Learning Chinese is Helpful for Maths?

Ever wonder why the Chinese are good at maths? Here is an interesting read for you! ūüôā





China’s Toughest Test-Gao Kao

A programme on BBC iPlayer

Featuring news on issues around the world. John Sudworth spends a year following the lives of pupils in a Shanghai school as they prepare for the university entrance exam which will dictate the course of their lives.

  • Available until 11:59PM Sun, 16 Sep 2012
  • First broadcast BBC News Channel, 5:30AM Sat, 11 Aug 2012
  • Duration 30 minutes




Back With Unforgettable Summer in China!

13 August,¬†after 30 days of working and travelling, our volunteers’ exciting and enlightening China trip has to come to the end. There have been many late nights and¬†weeping goodbyes, the¬†volunteers¬†are now looking quiet and¬†exhausted. Or maybe they just don’t want to leave China… I know some of them have decided to come back next year when they finish ¬†university.

During this trip, the volunteers contributed a great deal of their knowledge and cultural background to not only the children, but also the town. They were so popular among the students, the Chinese staff, parents and friends. Wherever they went, the crowd took photos of them.  Every day people queued to invite them for dinner- literally!

If you are interested to read more about the trip, I suggest to visit Todd’s blog by clicking here.

Back With Unforgettable Summer in China II

Beautiful and interesting Guizhou.

Back With Unforgettable Summer in China III

The legendary Shanghai.

A Bite of China (TV series of Chinese food)

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A bite of China is a series of food documentary produced by CCTV. Total of 7 episodes.
It tells the histories and stories behind Chinese cuisine: The meaning and the symbol each represents;The relation between the nature and the people; The creation of unique foods and traditional recipes.
The food culture that every Chinese is proud of.
Get to know Chinese life philosophy and the respect they have for the nature and food. This is the video you can’t miss.