Volunteers in China Will Arrive Shanghai on 9 Aug

Volunteers for the summer teaching programme will arrive Shanghai on Thursday 9 August as scheduled. They will spend 4 days there and fly back to the UK on 13 August. They are going to check out the famous Chinese circus, The Shanghai Bund, and the historical water town near there!

We Now Can Be Contacted via Skype!

We now can be contacted via skype!
User name: education_china. This is due to the increasing overseas applicants and friends. We look forward to your calls! ūüôā

Inspiring Chinese Course Summer Term Finished

Inspiring Chinese course summer term¬†finished with a “happy family” dinner party on 10 July. ūüôā

Well done everyone! Have a good summer break and see you again on 3 October!

Volunteers Completed Teaching with Great Success!

Our devoted volunteers in Guizhou China have successfuly completed their teaching! They had an unforgetable time being with the children for 18 days. It was hard at the beginning, especially after a  30 hours of travle! But they quickly adapted themsevles to the new environment. The school and the local people were very friendly to them, which also helped. The children enjoyed the learning and really loved our volunteers. 

The group is now travelling around Guizhou. On 9th August, they will arrive in Shanghai.

Children Workshop: The Story of Qi Xi

Monthly Chinese themed activities for children in Hove Library run by a group of friendly and experienced Chinese teachers.  The activities are designed to improve children’s study abilities while Chinese language, arts and traditional virtues are embedded.

Theme: The Story of Qi Xi

Venue: Hove Library

Date: Saturday 11 August    Time: 10-11am

Contents: Qi Xi Festival (or Festival of Girls) is a traditional Chinese festival celebrated since Han Dynasty (about 2000 years ago).

1) Story telling of Chinese traditional festival of Qi Xi. 2)¬†Introduce the custom¬†for Qi Xi Festival. 3) To raise children’s interest for astronomy.

To learn:

1) The story of the Festival and what do Chinese people do to celebrate it.

2) The concept of the Milky Way in the universe, and where Altair and Vega are in the sky.

2) Paper craft making (Qi Xi Festival Card making)

3) Chinese words for number 7, stars, cow, son, daughter etc.

Ability/skill improved: Imagination, hand skills for paper card making, colouring,  to appreciate a diverse culture.

Cost: Special rate for summer holiday (July and August)  £8 per child. Fees include materials.

Suitable for children aged 4-10.  For booking, email your child’s name and age to mail@educatioinchina.co.uk  Drop-in possible if class not full.

For more details of other sessions, please visit our website: http://www.educationchina.co.uk/Chinese_for_kids.html

Note: Parents of children under 7 can stay with their children if they wish to. Parents of children under 5 are advised to company their children in the class.