Chinese Painting Workshop for Children in Hove Library

Theme: Chinese pattern painting

Venue: Hove Library

Date: Saturday 12 May    Time:10-11am

Contents: 1) Introduction of Chinese traditional brush painting; 2) Chinese brush painting skills for children; 3) Chinese writing.

To learn: 1) Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world.  The painting consists of patterns or designs rather than pictures.  So the artists would suggest a mountain, a bird or a flower by a few strokes. Chinese artists also like to have their writing next to the painting to create “Yi Jing”( A beautiful and artistic conception).

2) Chinese artists use special tools for their work. Learn about Chinese Four Treasures in the study room.

3) Children will learn how to paint pandas, bamboo, fish, plum blossoms and chrysanthemum; and the Chinese writings for their paintings.

Ability/skill improved: observation, concentration, imagination, patience, good sitting posture.

Cost: £12 per child, £10 each for siblings. Fees include materials.

Suitable for children aged 4-10.  For booking, email your child’s name and age to  Drop-in possible if class not full.

For more details of other sessions, please visit our website:

Note: Parents of children under 7 can stay with their children if they wish to. Parents of children under 5 are advised to company their children in the class.

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