Chinese Art Workshops in Hove Library Session 2 (10th March)

Theme: Chinese Characters and Chinese Calligraphy
Venue: Hove Library
Time: 10am-11am, Saturday 10 March
Contents: 1) To learn about Chinese characters (writing); 2) to practice Chinese writing with traditional brush pens (Chinese calligraphy) .
To learn: 1) Knowledge about Chinese characters-the history, the shape, the meanings, how they were formed, how many of them etc. 2) Introduction of Chinese calligraphy. 3) Ability/skill improved: observation, concentration, imagination, patience, good writing posture. 4) Chinese words: 日(sun), 月(moon), 山(hill), 川(river) etc.
Fee: £12/child, siblings £10/child. Fees include materials.

Suitable for children aged 4-10.  For booking, email your child’s name and age to  Drop-in possible if class not full.

This session is very interesting to adults too, therefore we welcome parents to join in if there is seat.

For more details of other sessions, please visit out website:

Note: Parents of children under 7 can stay with their children if they wish to. Parents of children under 5 are adviced to company their children in the class.


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