The Party’s Over: How the West Went Bust- Episode 1

Interesting BBC programme that you might like to watch.

  • Available until 7:59PM Sun, 18 Dec 2011
  • First broadcast BBC HD, 7:00PM Sun, 4 Dec 2011
  • Duration 60 minutes

Robert Peston examines how decisions taken 30 years ago shaped the world we live in today, and concludes that the West faces a sobering wake-up call.

In the teeth of the worst financial crisis in living memory, BBC business editor Robert Peston examines how the world got to this point and how the collossal imbalances in the global economy have left the UK in need of a radical economic overhaul.

In this first of two programmes Peston examines how, thirty years ago, momentous decisions were taken which shaped the world we live in today. In China, Deng Xiao Ping opened up the country to foreign capitalists; in Britain and America, the free market revolution was unleashed by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. The Party’s Over compares the lives of workers in a Chinese company with their co-workers in Britain.




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