Volunteers Back from China with Amazing Experience!

With the last 2 girls landed Heathrow last Friday, all of our 9 volunteers have arrived the UK safely from China. Places they went to included Guangzhou, Zeng Cheng, Yang Shuo, Shanghai, Xi An and Beijing. They loved teaching the children; enjoyed the natural beauty of Yang Shuo; cried for the wonderful performance set on the river; stunned by the Chinese circus; thrilled by the skyscrapers in Shanghai; tickled by the foot massage, astonished by seeing frogs on the table!

Photos of 2011 and previous years…

Updated Recruitment News

All English teaching jobs are open to degree holders with a high standard of written and spoken English (native speakers preferred). Teaching experience and TEFL certificates are not essential but desirable. We provide assistance in obtaining work visas for China. To apply, please send CV to info@educationchina.co.uk.

1. Ref: DG2011A (URGENT START)

A newly open training centre in Dongguan City of Guangdong province is recruiting 2 English teachers.

* Adult students learing for business or living abroad
* 20 lessons per week (45 min per lesson). Optional extra paid work at weekends available.
* Y10,000 basic salary per month (approx. £1,000). Accommodation allowance.
* 12 month contract with 2 month’s probation. Training provided during the probation period.

* 40 contracted hours per week with 20 teaching hours. Evening or weekend time might apply. Between 5-6 days a week depending on the season.
* Start ASAP.