Free Mandarin Lesson for China Team

Volunteers who are leaving for China next month are having a free survival Mandarin lesson in Hove College tomorrow afternoon. They will learn how to greet people, how to order drinks, how to bargain in market and how to shush people in cinema just in case!

After the lesson, they will be off to a Chinese dinner, where they will learn how to use chopsticks to pick up the food and how to say “cheers” in Chinese. Enjoy! 🙂

Volunteers Attended Training for Summer Programme

Shortlisted volunteers attended their pre-departure training for the Summer Teaching Programme in China. There were altogether 10 students from University of Sussex and Brighton came to the session. In the training, they learned basic language teaching skills and then worked in groups for a short lesson. They also had a brief introduction of the Chinese culture and people. All of the volunteers worked hard during the intensive 4 hour session. They were very excited about the teaching job and seeing more of China in the coming summer. The director of Education China, Nancy Zeng , was pleased with the performance of all the participants; and believed they would do a great job as previous volunteers did in the past.

Sorry, my Chinese is not good! (对不起,我的中文不好!)

This is a song sang in CHINESE(!) by a British band Transition (前进乐团 Qián jìn yuè tuán) , which is formed by 3 members from Bristol.

This song is very sweet and expresses the confusion when they first communicated with people in Chinese in Taiwan. The band has a fan base largely based in Asia, having performed in the UK, Sweden, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong. They can speak Chinese as well. They are currently on a tour in Taiwan.

If you are curious about them, check out their website or facebook.

PDF lyrics with Chinese Pin Yin for Sorry, my Chinese is not good!

(Thanks for the information, Jay! 🙂 )